Village Accountant Recruitment 2012  
Certificates Verification Date:: 26/09/2012 at 10:00 am, Venue :: Deputy Commissiner Officer, Chickballapur for shortlisted Candidates prepared based on Merit at 1:3 of actual requirement 
Intimation was given to the following candidates over post and through SMS for submission of Original Documents for verification on 26/09/2012 at the Office of the Deputy Comissioner Chickballapur District. Despite of Clear Intimation, the following candidates of failed to furnish the Original Records. The Final Opertunity is here by given to the Candidates Mentioned below to furnish the same in person on 27/09/2012 before 5 PM at the same Venue. The failure for which will be deemed that the candidate is not at all interested /not eligible for being appointed as Village Accountant in Chickballapur District after which no objections will be entertained and the next Candiate will be considered ....
Despite of being given sufficient Opertunity to 46 candidates (Click to see Absentees List above) who remined absent for production of their Certificates for verification on 26/09/2012, Only one Candidate has furnished the Certificates on 27/09/2012. So the following Next Candidates are here by informed to be present at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Chickballapur, Chickballapur District on 28/09/2012  at 10:00 AM along with their Certificates for Verification WITHOUT FAIL.Click Here for Next MeritList
Click Here for Provisional List                                    Click Here for Final Selection List
 District Social Welfare Officer and District Officer Back Ward Classes and Minorities Welfare Dept., Chickballapur, Bellary, Belgaum, Davanagre, Dharwad, Bijapur and Tumkur District are requested to submit the Validity Certificates  of the Candidates who are finally selected under various reservation Categories(Other than the Candidates selected Under General Merit) to the Deputy Commissioner Chickballapur District before 07/11/2012. The Candidates are instructed to immediatly contact the Officers of the respective District and to furnish all the required documents for onward submission of Validity Certificates to this Office on or before 07/11/2012.                             Click Here Physical Fitness Verification for PHC Candidates